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Let’s talk about saving.


You need insurance, so why not take advantage of the exclusive rates that Johnson Insurance arranges for Alberta Council on Aging members? It’s just one more advantage to being a member.


One Stop Shopping for MEDOC® Travel Insurance:

MEDOC® Travel Insurance can be purchased by following the online quote system and entering Alberta Council on Aging as your group. Membership in ACA will be automatic and the completion of the ACA membership form is not required if you are applying for MEDOC® Travel Insurance. The membership fees will be automatically added to the MEDOC® premium deduction administered by Johnson.


All the products you need:

Just because you’re saving, it doesn’t mean you sacrifice choice. Our preferred insurance provider Johnson Inc., offers access to a range of insurance products, selected just for members of Alberta Council on Aging. For more information on the advantages of ACA membership, please click on the logo at the top of this page.


All the features you want:

Don’t think for a minute that features have been removed to discount your rates. You get all the features you’d pay extra for elsewhere.
Johnson Inc. provides access to a lot of services you might not expect…all designed to make life’s most stressful moments a little less stressful.
Check out the features for each of the insurance products. We think you’ll like what you see.


All this at a discount?

That’s right. Look after the things that matter most with the right insurance. Look after the bottom line by enjoying the advantages of group rates.

Live chat

With our new online chat feature, you can speak to a Service Specialist about your policy and even make changes online.